Well, This is Going to Suck.

I’ll cut right to the chase. I’m giving up ice cream during the week. I know. I shouldn’t have been eating it every night anyway, but I like it A LOT, so I did. I’ve always been an ice cream fanatic, it’s ingrained in my genetics. I’m brand loyal to Blue Bell, but will eat just about anything else, any kind of flavor. For Pete’s sake, I’ve even got a tag for Ice Cream. Thing is, I’m trying to lose a couple of [ok, more like 10] pounds, and this just is not helping. You’re thinking, “You’re an idiot, you want to lose weight, yet you’re sauntering off to Oklahoma City to eat pizza and cupcakes”. Well shut up! I know!!

So farewell, every-night-0f-the-week ice cream. Please direct yourself to Army Man’s mouth. I will be in the farthest corner of the house, crying into my rice cakes if you need me.

*yes I eat my ice cream in a mug*

Anyway, tonight I was able to sneak off for a run. The gym I went to on post wasn’t my regular gym, and much to my dismay they have their treadmills facing a wall. A WALL. PAINTED WHITE. About a half mile in I couldn’t stand it, so I did what anyone else would do – I ran faster. Might as well. Thank GOD I had a hilarious podcast from Manic Mommies to listen too, or else I would have quit at mile 1. I checked Twitter and Facebook about a million times each, and had I the coordination, I would have played Hangman.

Tonight I’ve noticed a tight soleus muscle again, and I swear I just can’t get away from this thing. Granted, it’s just a mild tightness, but I’m annoyed nonetheless. The last time this happened, it was after a long run, and not stretching properly. It lead, eventually, to about a week of not running and pain while walking – soooo not going down that road again. I can’t give up ice cream and then NOT run, all in one week. Gross, I can’t even bear to think it…

I think I’ll take tomorrow off, stretch like a fiend and relax.

Well, This is Going to Suck.

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