Zoo. Pizza. Cupcakes.

Husband, Kiddo and I went up to the Oklahoma City again today, and it was a BLAST! First stop was the Zoo, and baby girl loved just about everything, and it got the point where she was shaking with excitement. *sigh* We barked like seals, chattered like monkeys, squawked like macaws and ran around like… a crazy 16 month old at a zoo.

While at the zoo, we noticed our running stroller had a flat tire. Not cool. I called the local running shop, Red Coyote, to see if they had a fix kit/extra tire, but sadly they did not. BUT, as always they were the sweetest bunch of runners ever, and pointed me in the direction of Schlegel Bicycle Shop, where they fixed our tire!!! We owe these stores big time! I also got a “Honey Stinger” waffle while at Schlegel – scrumptious.

I was making small talk with the cashier at Schlegel’s, and the subject of food came up. Go figure… exercise junkies… talking about food 😛 She mentioned a place right next to Red Coyote [hmmm… fate?!] called Upper Crust. This is not to be confused with the Boston chain, by the way. You can read my review once it goes up on my buddy Kevin’s blog, but I have yet to crank that out. My mind is in a food coma right now…

We then went to the same cupcake shop from last time, Cuppies & Joe, and it was of course, amazing.

That’s all for now. I’m fighting a nap, and must get up off my butt before my head falls onto the keyboard. 🙂 Hope y’all are having an amazing weekend. Enjoy your Sunday.

Zoo. Pizza. Cupcakes.

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