Hardest. Run. EVER. Seriously.

Ok. I know I say that a lot. But this run seriously took the cake. [mmmmm, cake] Let me start by pointing out that Silly  weighs about 25ish pounds, and the BOB running stroller weighs 23. Right off the bat I’m running with an additional 48 pounds. Remember those hills I constantly bitch about here? The ones so steep you’re nearly slowed to a walk? The ones so long and drawn out your shins are aching by the halfway point? Just wanted to make sure you could recall. And the wind I hate so much? Where you have to breathe to the side? And the fact that it was coupled with a stroller/parachute mechanism? Hmmhmm, ringin’ a bell yet?? Ft. Sill also hates sidewalks, so there was much maneuvering in loose gravel/dirt, which made things very difficult for mommy, but made the kiddo go ‘weeeee!’ – go figure. I hope this is the only case in which she finds pleasure from my pain. Anyway, combine all of this with a 77 degree day, throw in the sun beating down on you, add 9 miles, and voilà!! You have my run.

Luckily, Silly was set from the get go. I slathered her up with sun block, made sure the shade was WAY down on the BOB, she had pretzels, cheerios, water, and numerous toys to get her through the run. We stopped about halfway through to fill both of our waters, a notion she ended up not even needing. No biggie. Not to mention that she didn’t even DO anything the entire time. Just sat there, pointing out numerous objects, singing and kicking her feet to whatever rhythm she had in her head. Unfortunately she didn’t nap, but she was definitely more than compliant the entire time. Loved it.

I, on the other hand, was a wreck. For one, I didn’t even plan to have my long run today. We’re supposed to have nice weather tomorrow, so Husband of the Year mentioned that a trip to the zoo would be fun. He also mentioned CUPCAKES. I love this man. Seriously. Knowing I wasn’t about to wake up at some ungodly hour on the weekend to run, I might as well get it done in this beautiful weather. I forgot my GU, Bodyglide, and only had half a bottle of water. Tthe glory in having challenges like this, is you either improvise and do without, or you find out what your body can and cannot deal without. Forgetting the GU – no problem, I stole some of my daughter’s pretzels. Not ideal, but it was fuel with 1.5 to go. Bodyglide – turns out I didn’t need it. Water – Tucked into the library, refilled, and took off again.

I’m glad this run was over, and while I was hating about 90% of it, it was a challenge I’m glad I could face. My arms are killing me, and no joke, they are tightening up as I type. It’s kind of sad. But, I did find a dollar. We got pulled over by a cop around mile 7, and of course in my mind, I was thinking “Well here we go, I’m going to get some lecture…” – turns out he wanted to give baby girl a stuffed bear.

This was done at a 9:37 pace, and burned 840 calories. I’m definitely giving myself an extra 200 burned calories, thanks to the the resistance of the stroller… An ice bath never felt better, I know I’m sadistic for loving them but they’re seriously amazing. They HURT at first, but in the end I honestly  feel so incredibly refreshed. I was getting some weird looks from the child, who wanted to get in with me, but dipped her hand in and gave me the “you’re an idiot” look. 16 months old, already giving me that look. Ridiculously cute.

For all you double/triple stroller moms out there: 1) You’re crazy 2) You’re incredibly badass. I am NEVER going to complain about running in wind again, because I know that I could always have that nutty stroller/parachute torture device with me. [disclaimer :: i love my daughter to death and love running with her. the stroller acting as resistance? not so much]

So. 9 miles. Some Vitamin D. Fresh air for Silly. A challenge for me. A dollar. And a bear named Cheese.

I’m SO eating the crap out of some cupcakes tomorrow.

Hardest. Run. EVER. Seriously.

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