“Long” Run on the Treadmill

Saturday called for 8 miles, and I had been looking forward to it all week. Of course, the big day rolls around and it is WINDY as all get out. I’m not talking a breeze every now and again – more like 25 mph knock out gusts of air that would have you breathing to the side. If there’s one thing I will not tolerate during a run, it’s wind. Hot, humid, rain, cold, snowing – I’ll go out in it. Strong wind? Absolutely not. I get so frustrated with it, that my run suffers and more so, my attitude towards the run plummets. I just flat out don’t want to be out there. So all throughout the morning I was going back and forth – ‘run outside? run inside? run tomorrow?’. So in trying to make up my mind, with all my infinite wisdom, I decided to have ice cream and about half a banana split before finally deciding “Ok, I’ll just run it on the treadmill”. Bad idea. The ice cream was fighting to see daylight for a few miles, but it finally gave up.

I was dreading the run, knowing I would be on a treadmill for 8 miles. Not cool. I took to Facebook and found out that some friends had done 10+ miles on one, even a 20 miler on a treadmill. I felt like such a pansy. Anyway, I figured turning it into a game would be fun, doing 4 sets of 2 mile segments. I hesitate to call them intervals, as I wasn’t doing a race pace at all, just wanting to get some kind of even split between the 4 segments. Yes, they were slow, but I achieved my goal in both making it somewhat ‘fun’ and also the 8 miler.

Yoga has been completely absent this weekend, and I can’t say I like it. My body feels stiff, and to be honest, I can tell during/immediately after my run how much yoga benefits me. I look forward to finally busting out the mat today and catching up on the challenge. I also discovered a sweet little gem on Veria TV, from 6-7 they have morning yoga. Not that I’m awake, but the DVR is a magical thing.

I know I’ve been debating the crap out of what to run in the Spring, but The Optimist brought up a good point in saying that I should make my first marathon a memorable one. Meaning holding off for my first one until October. But as we all know I am ridiculously indecisive. The Marine Corps Marathon will be memorable no matter what, and I’ve been itching to do a marathon for awhile now. We’ll see what happens. Naturally, waiting makes sense, but I’m not sure if my mind will be happy with that. I’ll keep training as if I’ll be running a spring marathon, I just don’t know what exactly. *sigh*

“Long” Run on the Treadmill

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