More Friggin’ Yoga, and Some Marathon Talk

Holy crap. I love yoga. Honest. 21 straight days of it though? I’m over it already. Yes, I’m doing them, but geez. I don’t recall doing anything [not even running!] I like for 21 straight days – I’m glad they are not long, and that I can knock them out during naptime. I will admit I cut it short yesterday [core. snooze fest.] due to the fact that I am slotted to be a bloaty, bitchy, PMSing female for a couple of days. Today the sequence focuses on backbends, and haven’t done those since my days in gymnastics… about 16 years ago… So if I don’t post for a few days, it’s because I’m getting used to the brace around my neck, as I imagine it could possibly break my fall later in the day. I’m kidding. If I can’t do it, so be it. It’s something to work on, and it will be a challenge, so I’m secretly looking forward to it…

With all that said though, I can definitely feel my body benefiting from yoga. My posture has changed, I’m not as achy, and I would even dare say that I am mentally more *gasp* positive and patient. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

I bit the marathon bullet. I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon, which is in October. I’m still training for a spring marathon that I haven’t picked yet, like I said before, I’m just winging that. I have zero interest in running Seattle Rock’n’Roll, but if it is the only option I have, then I’ll do it. There are a couple of others in the June time-frame I’m looking at, and the San Juan Marathon has caught my eye, it’s just a matter of getting out to Ft. Lewis and seeing what all the Army Man gets plunked into.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m still having a “HOLY SHIT” moment from saying I did gymnastics 16 YEARS ago… Off to rock some yoga and meditate.

Happy Friday Eve y’all!

More Friggin’ Yoga, and Some Marathon Talk

2 thoughts on “More Friggin’ Yoga, and Some Marathon Talk

  1. Wow! Great job with the yoga!! That is awesome!!!

    now, for your spring Marathon…OKC Memorial MArathon is the best one I have ever done! If you’re still there first weekend in May you should do it!! Second, there are a ton of races in WA!!! Seattle Rock n Roll is awesome! I only did the half but still a great race. the North Olympic Marathon in Port Angeles is a great one. It’s in June too. Then there is Whidbey Island in March…Tacoma city in May, Capital city in May…You’ll find one that works!!

  2. I would love to do the Memorial, but we won’t be here. I thought about doing RnR, and it’s still on the table, as is NODM. There’s tons of options, I just need to commit!! [plus i’m afraid of the hills, and want to get out there and run on them first]

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