Stream of Thought During a Run; Revisited

husband is the best for putting up with me.

Man. Could’ve sworn the sun was just out.

Can’t wait to have chili later.

I really haven’t kept up on the Australian Open. I probably should just watch it in person…

7 sets of train tracks, really?

Heaaad, Shoulders, Knees and Toooooes.

Holy crap, 2 miles in already.

I wonder what day Kenny OMG THAT’S A HUGE DOG.

So happy I didn’t bring my iPod.

IS IT RAINING????! Maybe it was bird shit. Either way I don’t want to check.

I hate embankments.

I hate gravel embankments even more.

I hate gravel that finds its way into my shoe, after an embankment, even moreso!!!!

Never made those peanut butter cookies. That sucks.

Hurley House. Need to Google that later.

Wow 2 more miles, this run is flying by.

I hope Kenny gets my package soon.

It is definitely spitting rain a bit, sonofabitch. I dressed for a sunny run.

Oh snap, gotta stop for Retreat.

Standing still is really cold, with wind blowing on 5 miles worth of sweat.

It’s been at least 3 or 4 days since Beauty and the Beast has been on.

Seriously, is Dexter ever going to get caught??

Oooooh this hill is a mighty bitch!

I need to send Kenny more cake.

I wonder what the house at Ft. Lewis will be like.

Holy crap, am I losing it? I see another runner. And she’s female!!!

Hmm… do I make this 7 miles?

Chili, chili, chili, chili.

Ah car, we meet so soon.

That, was an amazing run.

Stream of Thought During a Run; Revisited

4 thoughts on “Stream of Thought During a Run; Revisited

  1. Ok, so I totally want to reply to each of your thoughts!!!! Ft. Lewis will be amazing!!!!! can I go there with you!!?!?!??!?!?!??!?! I just came back to bragg from there…heaven back to hell….poot. Get ready for lots and lots of soggy runs in the PNW!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! so glad you found me!! Here is another Army runner blogger wife and she is at LEwis too!!! she is funny and a great runner!!!

    Another Navy wife in the area is:

    there are few of us out there… =) So when are you going to Ft. Lewis! i could totally plug you into my old running group. My running buddy, also an Army wife, is mourning her loss of ME and needs a partner. =)

    email me if you want! There is a contact me tab on the top of my blog!

    1. Ah YAY!!!! Thanks for all the links!!! you are totally more than welcome! we’re currently at Ft Sill – if you think bragg is bad… i dare you to come here! is SUCKS!!!!! i’ll email you once i get closer to getting to Lewis – i would LOVE running buddy! too bad you’re not there anymore 😦

      1. Ah yes, Ft. Sill. I’m an okie, born and raised in Oklahoma, so I know what you mean. Ft. Lewis will be amazing. Just don’t fall into everyone’s negativity about the rain. It isn’t that bad and now that I am away I actually miss it. =)

      2. i can’t wait!! we were visiting over Thanksgiving, and it was just gorgeous. i like the rain. i’m sure it’ll take some getting used to, but it’s just weather!!

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