I Have Nothing Witty to Say.

Honestly, I got nothin’. The Optimist has a 4 day weekend, and we have just been floating around, being lazyish and enjoying every second.

Thursday night he had a basketball game, and upon returning home, we Netflix’ed Dexter, from Season 1. We’ve never had Shotime, and have heard that this is an amazing show, so we thought we’d get with the times. We’re usually slow on the uptake [on just about everything] , and might get iPhones sometime in 2016. Friday, he and the child took a road trip, so I had time for myself for a solid 4 hours. 4 hours to Joe Schmo might not mean anything, but to a stay at home mom – that’s an eternity. I literally took a 45 minute long hot shower, ran a few errands, did yoga and that was it. So relaxing and it was definitely the ‘reset’ I needed.

Yesterday we moseyed on up to Oklahoma City, which is always fun. After gorging ourselves on Indian food (the kiddo liked it as much as we did), we went to the Bombing Memorial, then hit up a cupcake shop on the way home. A great day, lazily spent exploring a city that we might not have a chance to visit again in the near future.

Today is yet another lazy day [so far] – I’ve caught up on Yoga, and I have to admit that I did miss a day. I’m totally ok with that, it didn’t derail anything; and to be honest, it was nice to do back to back practices. I lucked out. I also did said yoga by candlelight while Silly was napping and the rest of the gang went to the dogpark. It was complete heaven.

I’m off to maybe start the crockpot. Who knows. Maybe we’ll just order pizza.

Hope y’all are having a great weekend.

I Have Nothing Witty to Say.

3 thoughts on “I Have Nothing Witty to Say.

  1. thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I’m excited about winning, but more excited to me introduced to so many other ‘mother-runner’s’

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