Hachis Parmentier & Day 1.21 Yoga Challenge

Big things to talk about. Well, maybe not to you, but I know I am excited!! As some of you may know, I have a slight obsession with a cookbook, Around My French Table, by Dorie Greenspan. I’ve made numerous recipes from the book, and I have yet to be led astray. Long story short, last night I made Hachis Parmentier, and it was downright amazing. It is a French version of Shepherd’s Pie – but much simpler and more moist. I don’t want to post the recipe, as it’s from a cookbook, which sells to support someone’s livelihood. Don’t get me wrong, I post to recipes all the time, but those are already ones you can find with a simple Google search. My pictures aren’t as great as others out there, but believe me – if you want a scrumptious, filling meal – this is it. We had this with a side of green beans, and it was perfect for a cold, blustery day.

I just wrapped up Day 1 of Yoga Journal’s 21 Day Yoga Challenge. It was a 45 minute sequence that I had some difficulty with at first, mainly because I wasn’t focusing. I’ve said numerous times that I have a hard time shutting my mind off, and this often leads to frustration; especially in yoga. “Lower your tailbone into your mat, breathing deeply through your core” is something my mind freaks out and responds with, “Um, it’s my tailbone, that’s as far as it’s going!!!!” – What I don’t realize is that I need to round out my bottom; and in essence, round out my form of thinking. At every beginning of every practice, my mind is full of jagged edges – but yoga helps conform it to a wide open space, with zero room for self-distraction. To me, the sequence this morning was rough, but because of my own mental state. I was trying to hurry through it, knowing that at any moment that baby girl might wake up.

I look forward to everything this Challenge holds, and I sincerely hope that it will help my body realize when it needs to zone out. Now, I am off to have my oatmeal and honey, in the company of an edamame obsessed toddler, wielding a whisk as a makeshift sword. I love my life. 🙂

Hachis Parmentier & Day 1.21 Yoga Challenge

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