21 day Yoga Journal Challenge

Ah yes. Something to do instead of catching up on Young and the Restless during the kiddo’s nap time. I always find myself mindlessly staring at the t.v., mouth agape in amazement while the Sharon/Sky/volcano plunging nonsense unfolds; or squirming in my seat at the thought of the Tucker/Ashley romance. And don’t even get me started on Jana. UGH.

Might as well save that for late night [please, you didn’t think I would give it up… did you??!], and get up off my butt while the little one snoozes away.

Today I signed up for Yoga Journal’s 21 day Challenge. The purpose of doing this Challenge, is to create workouts aimed for those wanting to do an at-home practice.

“There are 15-minute videos for morning and night; 30-minute videos to help refine your poses, work your core, and develop strength; and a super fun 45-minute flow sequence that’ll have you moving all around your mat and getting a great workout in the process.”

Yoga Journal is also sending a daily Challenge newsletter, complete with background info on the workouts, recipes and practice tips. If this all weren’t enough, they also give you an oppurtunity to try out some meditation or pranayama [breathing] exercises.

Naturally, I’ll be blogging about this. Hopefully you’ll challenge yourself as well, and complete this journey with me!

OH, and before you think you can put this off for much longer, it starts MONDAY, so get on it!

PS – My run was horrible today. I will say nothing more about it.

21 day Yoga Journal Challenge

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