The Obligatory Running Post

Guess I should probably post something running related. For a couple of weeks now I’ve been debating on if I want to sign up for either the Eugene or Tacoma Marathon. They’re held on the same day; but to a runner, obviously Eugene is going to seem attractive, based on historical significance alone. Knowing that Tacoma is hilly, I would much rather wait until I’m there to train on the terrain. It’s also the neighboring town from where we’ll be living, which poses for a hard argument.

My little brother is possibly due back from a deployment around this time, and believe me – I’m dropping everything when I get the final word that he’s en route. We also have a lot going on in the next few months – packing up and moving to Washington state, settling in, military commitments for both the Husband and I, and family plans once my brother’s in country. With all that said, I realize marathon chances being incredibly bleak, but I’m still training as if I am going to run one of the two. There will always be marathons, there won’t always be flexibility to spend time with family whenever I want.

Yesterday was gorgeous, so I bundled the kiddo up and we went on a run. Ft. Sill barely has sidewalks, and we had time to kill, so we went over and ran on the track. For 5 miles. I say again, I ran, on a track for 5 miles. Speed work wasn’t even involved at all. The only thing that would make it more boring is if Ben Stein gave me the play by play on growing grass.

Today I have a quick 3 to do, and it’s beautiful out again, so we might go out and do that. We’ll have to do those at a track again, as I’m too paranoid about the lack of sidewalks. Plus there’s tons of construction everywhere, and I’d much rather bore myself on a track than put her in harm’s way. Tomorrow I plan on swimming some laps [stop laughing], and possibly due some yoga, followed by the long run on Saturday. Anyway, that’s that. One more day until the weekend folks, hang in there.

The Obligatory Running Post

2 thoughts on “The Obligatory Running Post

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love your layout! If I hadn’t invested so much into Blogger I’d here here at WordPress.

    Glad you had a good run. I was able to run five miles on a flippin’ treadmill and keep my sanity.

    What training program are you using? It sounds similar to mine.. I’m doing Hal Higdon.

    1. i used to be on Blogger! i signed up with wordpress, then imported all my stuff over. i’m kind of doing a half-hal higdon-ish, kind of winging the other half… hehe…

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