A Run, A Sandwich and A Tree

This weekend I stepped out for a quick 4 miler around Ft. Sill. What I didn’t expect were the crazy hills around here, but it only calls for improvement. I ran these 4 in about 39 minutes, so it’s obvious I have work to do. With that said, I did hill repeats and afterwards, I nursed the last half of my run. I felt fine the next day, but didn’t get a chance to run this weekend. I found a program on post that will watch the kiddo on an hourly basis, and I’m thinking about taking advantage of it a couple of times a week. It’s mainly for her to have interaction with other kids, but it would be nice to run during the day instead of waiting for the Army Man to get home. Yes, the stroller is here, but it is WAY too cold out for that.

Today I found a diamond in the rough – a health food store in little Lawton, Oklahoma. Small and quaint, this place had it all! I was seriously so thrilled!! I even found my Red Hot Blues – !!!!! I also picked up essentials that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere. I’m brand loyal, so to see these familiar “faces” had me on Cloud 9. I also spotted Sweet Chipotle Mayo and knew exactly what I was doing for lunch.

I promise it was awesome. The sandwich does not photograph well, at all!! I took an avocado, mixed it with the chipotle mayo, red onion and a strip of bacon cut up into tiny bits. Couple that with a bed of spinach and mushroom ‘filler’ – this was something on the list that I will definitely make again. I enjoyed this with sweet potato fries seasoned with paprika and sea salt, dipping them into the chipotle mayo. Forgive the rookie mistake – I didn’t take a picture until the second sandwich, and the avocado had time to turn a little brown 😦

This weekend we did all the Christmasy stuff that we could. We were fortunate enough to get a free tree, thanks to Trees for Troops. We decorated the tree while listening to Josh Groban’s Noel – such an amazing voice. Ave Maria seriously sent chills up my spine, but I’m a nerd for that kind of music 😉 We also enjoyed the Festival of Lights show in Chickasha, so if you live close by you should definitely make the trip out!!

We’ve got a slew of family coming in for the holidays in the next few weeks, and we are beyond excited!! Because of this I might not be able to run/post much, but keep an eye out for me. 🙂

One last little note – if you know of anyone in the military overseas, or know of anyone with a family member overseas, PLEASE take the time out of your day to tell them how appreciative you are of their service. Holidays are the hardest time to be missing out on, and there are soldiers out there that will be lucky to even call home for the season. These guys are literally on call 24/7, not missing a beat, so that we can stay warm by the fire and sip our ciders and nog. So please, reach out to a military member, or their loved ones. It honestly would mean the world to them. 🙂

A Run, A Sandwich and A Tree

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