A Yoga-strawberry-Green Super Food smoothie-nap-Disney movie filled weekend.

I’ve been running. Promise. Just nothing I deem good enough for an entry in DailyMile.

My weekend consisted of Silly and I having the house to ourselves, as everyone else is in Baltimore. We’re both sick, and this makes it very annoying to try and get out and run. I also have an interesting pain in my right foot, and I can’t really figure out why I have it. Since becoming pregnant with her, my feet have been all jacked up, and I can’t go barefoot for a prolonged period of time. Of course, as opposed to before, where I could go barefoot for as long as I wanted. Anyway, it’s been a year since she was born, and from what I’m reading, if they’re not back to normal now, they won’t be. Anyway…

I’ve taken advantage of the down time and have done a LOT of yoga. This particular session today was great! While it wasn’t challenging, it was very refreshing. My favorite pose has to be the ‘3 legged downward facing dog’ and the variation that I like can be found here. It’s also at minute mark 9:38 in the following video. Definitely opens the hips, and really stretches them out. I’ve never done this pose before, but it’s truly made an impression.

This weekend I also tried something new. I purchased this stuff awhile back and it’s been collecting dust on my kitchen counter. I finally got around to trying it, and I would post a picture of the smoothie, but it ain’t pretty in the least. I made mine with soft tofu, bananas, strawberries and a dash of sugar. It’s definitely a taste to get used too, but I think if I tinker around with a recipe it would be awesome. Definitely needs more fruit, and next time around I won’t put as much powder in it. It left a funny aftertaste, and tasted a bit chalky, but again – that’s from adding too much at one time.

That’s about all that has happened at Casa de Micki. Basically counting down the days until we move to Oklahoma, and making the most of the time left here. Tomorrow I would like to get out and run, but this all depends on how baby girl’s feeling. I can run with a cold, no problem. But I’m not risking her catching pneumonia just because I wanted to get in miles that could wait. Until then, I suppose we’ll just have to take time and recover while watching Disney movies and lounging around.

A Yoga-strawberry-Green Super Food smoothie-nap-Disney movie filled weekend.

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