We finally have a duty station to go to after the Army Man’s training is up, and we are thrilled to learn that he’s been assigned to Ft. Lewis!!! This is in the Tacoma area of Washington state, and about an hour from Seattle. We’ll be right by his sister and her family, his brother and his family; I’ll be joining a cousin in that part of the state, and a slew of his family just a few hours south. We are beyond excited!! Of course I have already been researching races, running clubs… which they have ON POST!!! I am ecstatic, and we cannot wait to get there! I also got my hands on a running stroller, and I cannot believe it took us this long to purchase one. I seriously wish we would have bought this months ago – seriously!! If you’re even thinking about buying one … DO IT. You’ll thank yourself later, and the kiddo loves it.

My last long run before the half was this past Sunday and it went great – 9 miles at a comfortable pace, mentally easy, and I even ran with my iPod [gasp!]. I won’t PR this Saturday, and I am definitely ok with that. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to do – I might just barrel ahead and try and finish as quickly as possible, but I can also see myself getting super emotional and taking my time with it. Only time will tell, and we’ll find out soon enough.

Thankfully The husband evor will be in town for this; he was granted a last minute pass home – he’s going to be here for our kiddo’s birthday!! This is going to be such a great weekend, I only wish that we could have the entire family in one spot.

With all this good news, one can expect a bit of bad. We found out that my little brother is deploying for sure, and will also be home for pre-deployment leave, starting this weekend. I’m sure I’ll mention him here and there, but just keep him in your thoughts and prayers if you could. In the mean time we’re going to spend as much time as possible together and soak it all in.


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