Motivation – Have You Seen Mine??

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I have lost all motivation. I have no idea what my deal is, but crawling out of bed at 0430 to run, no longer appeals to me. I don’t even bother to think about running later in the afternoon, because I just don’t care to. I literally do not look at my running gear, it’s all piled up in a corner and I feel guilty as hell about it. Usually I can feel if I’m working too hard, or if my body is worn out. But this time, I simply didn’t get out of bed one morning, and didn’t care.

Anyway. Here’s to hoping I find my motivation again. There’s 17 days until my half. A friend even went out of his way to create a training plan for me, and here I am, totally ignoring it. I feel like crawling into a hole.

I miss running.

Motivation – Have You Seen Mine??

2 thoughts on “Motivation – Have You Seen Mine??

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been there recently. I’m not sure what made me put my running shoes back on, but it was a sudden thing. You’ll get it back! And you’ll do awesome on your half. I have my 10K in 17 days. 🙂

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