What a Pain in the …

I was beyond annoyed with my run this morning, but I need to keep reminding myself that it is just a 3 mile easy run. 3 miles in 30 minutes is perfectly acceptable, working out kinks takes time. The reason I’m annoyed with my run is the fact that it seemed more mentally taxing than a 13 mile, 2 hour 10 minute run. My form seemed funny, and my right soleus has been tight since. Focusing so much on my form kept my time low, which in turn just made me mad about my pace being so slow. So between the mental back and forth, my form being weird and sleepy legs, I was ready for the run to be over within the first five minutes.

Yesterday I noticed I had pain in the middle of my back. While it wasn’t anything that would send me crying into hysterics, it was evident that something I did during the race bothered my back. I remember a dull ache in my back after the 10 miler, but it was gone the next day. I conferred to the ‘public’ on Runner’s World, and some people had me thinking… we all know my core is weak [my AbRipper workout is maybe once a week – sorry tiff :(] and I was also carrying a water bottle the entire time. Upon investigating this matter further, I found that it indeed affects arm swing [just like a good friend suggested] which could be tweaking my core/back muscles.

So that’s my focus for tomorrow’s easy run – form. I’m also going to start planting water bottles, and seeing what I can do without being so dependent on my Amphipod. I’m also going to be stretching like crazy, possibly do some yoga and DEFINITELY do my AbRipper workout that is long overdue. I don’t have long before my half, and I for sure want to improve on not only my time, but I want to be able to bounce back physically without a problem. Granted, my issues weren’t keeping me from getting out of bed yesterday, but the less issues the better.

What a Pain in the …

2 thoughts on “What a Pain in the …

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love reading your updates about running.. I glean encouragement and tips! I’m training for a 10K right now and I agree, mentally it seems the shorter runs are more challenging. I guess I need to remember that sometimes they are “easy”. Hope you feel better soon – stretching and yoga work wonders for me!

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