It’s… ONLY Thursday???!

Yesterday I was asked by Public Affairs if I would be willing to have my photo taken for the wing newspaper. I honestly cannot stand having my photo taken, but it’s for a good cause … so I definitely obliged. It was uneventful, and afterwards I decided to do some speed work on the gym treadmill. I wound up running 5 miles in 47 minutes, but as I was stepping off of the treadmill I felt a twinge in my Achilles.

Panic seared through my brain, and I about started crying. I know several of my running buddies that have had MAJOR issues with their Achilles; one even requiring surgery. Throughout the night I was stretching, trying not to think about it. Luckily, I think I dodged a bullet. I woke up this morning without pain, and I might do a small test run later tonight or tomorrow morning. I definitely want to run a couple of times before my half, but I am NOT pushing it.

Later this week I’m getting a guest blog spot together for Rosey Rebecca on good dinners for endurance athletes. I will have pre-race meals for the night before your event – 3 dishes; meat eater, vegetarian and vegan. Also, after the half on Sunday I’m going to a Turkish grill here in town for Kevin’s blog. I’m excited to go here, as I’ve never been to a place like this! I’m guessing after running 13 miles I’ll be hungry so it sounds like the perfect place to go 😉

It’s… ONLY Thursday???!

3 thoughts on “It’s… ONLY Thursday???!

  1. Achilles injuries do suck, but it sounds like you’ll be fine. I tweaked mine on a bike ride (so much for cycling as a cure, haha), but took it easy for a few weeks, and haven’t had problems since. Good luck on the half!

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