I *may* or MAY NOT need a running partner

So I was lumbering through my 4 miler this morning and I could not think about something I wanted to blog about. You guys have put up with the normal morning routine; bitching about tired legs, smelling waffles, and dodging wildlife. I even thought about not blogging at all today; how unfortunate for you that this didn’t happen!! As the run went on, I hit patch after patch of fog, just focusing on the darkness in front of me. I kept wondering WHY this little 4 miler seemed more taxing than the 10 miler I had on Sunday.

Then it hit me harder than Ike hit Tina.

My husband. I wasn’t running with him. This thought made me a bit sad, it’s not like I don’t miss him bad enough already. I knew he was getting ready to wake up, tucked away in some motel in Oklahoma, and I knew that he would be out there with me if he could. So I started searching my brain for people that I’ve run with in the past, and running partners are few and far between. I want to add that I do not like running with people. Even when running with him, we just go mile after mile without talking; maybe mumbling the occasional cussword at a hill, random motivation, and even a “babe I gotta pee” thrown in for good measure.

Again, I don’t want to run with just anyone. Maybe I should make an application… Are holograms mainstream yet? Can I get a little pocket runner, add some water, watch it grow, then head out? Maybe I should find a running group…

Oh – I also started my AbRipper workouts again. Those, I’ll go ahead and do alone.

I *may* or MAY NOT need a running partner

One thought on “I *may* or MAY NOT need a running partner

  1. Lorie says:

    I don’t like running with people either and I’ve only had two running partners in my life that I enjoyed running with. A friend in college….we had the exact same pace; neither of us liked to talk when we ran….so it was perfect. The other was my bestest dog friend Lilly (RIP). Maybe that would be the trick….a dog running partner. But there again, a dog should be a perfect match to your running style and can be as hard to find as human running partner. Example…..Rex pulls too hard on the leash when we leave and I have to practically drag him back; Todd is wonderful, except when cars come by and he drags me into the ditch. Good Luck with your search!

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