Hills and Humidity

Went on a run with the Husband yesterday. The air was disgustingly thick, and it felt like walking into a wall of water. Neither of us had run since the long run on Sunday, and figured this was the perfect opportunity to get out there. The first two miles were spent meandering around the neighborhood and eventually winding our way into a local park. There is a huge hill about a quarter mile from the turnaround point, and this is where my wheels fell off. The Optimist, being the badass he is, eased his way up the hill while I clobbered my way up it. I had to stop at the turnaround point and recollect myself – the pace and heat where getting to me. This is when I knew the rest of the run wouldn’t go as flawlessly as the first.

While I might have trouble going up hills, I still enjoy them. I like feeling the sense of accomplishment going up a hill; the arms pumping, the shortening stride – everything. Going down hills, however, I feel like an idiot. My legs feel like logs, my knees take a beating, my arms flail around like a drunk on a balance beam and I have to focus greatly on not falling on my face.

Anyway, we barely trudged through the next 2 miles, and agreed that the heat and humidity kicked our asses. In the park, there were numerous “activity stations” where you could practice pull ups, dips, balance, etc. My lovely husband did pulls ups and dips with grace; I fought my way up to ONE measly pull up complete with leg kicks and obscenities, but I made it up past the bar. I technically did two, but he helped me with one, so I’m not counting it. I look forward to improving this.

Upon returning home we stretched and headed off to the pool with the little one. Definitely needed that, and it wore her out. We were pooped.

This morning I went out and managed 4 miles. While it was at a quicker pace than yesterday, it was challenging in and of itself. We had crazy storms here last night, resulting in all kinds of debris laying around. I should have brought along a headlamp – I even encountered some startled wildlife but I’m thankful that I spotted the skunk early enough to be able to cross the road way in advance.

Anyway, I don’t know when or how far the next run will be. I’d like to get a mid-distance run in before the 10 miler on Sunday, but we’ll see. 🙂

Hills and Humidity

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