A Long Run & What Not

Husband and I finally went on a run together. He has been in town for over a week, but my work schedule and his day time daddy duties leave us exhausted by the afternoon. Sunday we went into town and ran a 7 miler, complete with scenery from downtown Dayton and up into a small portion of the University of Dayton campus. It was a rough run [for me], and I have zero confidence in the half marathon I have coming up. It will be interesting, that’s for sure. While I stopped a lot during the run, I managed to finish with a 9:40 pace. I feel bad that I held him back, but in reality he was the one keeping me going. It was my typical long run, the first mile sucked, the 2nd/3rd were rockin, and the 6th/7th held their own. Everything else in the middle SUCKED.

I plan on running tonight, and I NEED to get back into my AbRipper routine. Yesterday I had a huge realization… we decided to wash the car out in the driveway, so I changed into a swimsuit – YIKES. Not only do I need AbRipper, but more of an entire ‘do-over’. I would like my arms to be more accented, the thighs to not be as thick and of course the middle to not be as meaty. Running cannot do it all.

I need more hours in the day. And the ability to be in two places at the same time.

A Long Run & What Not

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