Legs are Toast

Man. It’s been a rough 24 hours, running wise. I ran late again last night, the 5 miler that I made up from earlier in the week at a 9:30 pace. My first mile was 10:00 flat, so my splits were just faster than the 9:30 average. I also had a caffeine free GU before the run, and once I got past the taste [Lemon Sublime] I was on my merry way. I can’t say that I noticed a HUGE difference in the way I ran, but the prior 5 milers have been run at 9:48 and 10:00 minute per mile pace… so the proof is definitely in the numbers.

I woke up around 6 in the morning to run my 7 miles; and at the time I thought nothing of running 12 miles in about 10 hours. About 2 miles into the run, I took a Vanilla Bean GU, which had caffeine in it. I definitely felt a small jolt in energy, and the splits that accompanied my time definitely show that. I would provide you with those numbers, but I didn’t upload the info off of my Garmin, I won’t be for awhile, as it is packed away with everything else that is going to Georgia/Tennessee. Anyway, I’m experimenting with GU’s, as I have heard horror stories about people just trying them out at random during a marathon or long run, and their bodies rejecting them – often times, violently.  The run went very well, uneventful, sans iPod; just me and the road. I brought along the Amphipod, which probably ranks in my #10 best inventions ever list. Another thing on this list would definitely be compression sleeves. I ran with mine this morning, and I noticed that my legs weren’t as tight during the run.

My downfall occured when I took the sleeves off, then stood around at the local air show for 6 hours. I had volunteered to work a booth, thinking that a simple chair would be provided… yikes. That was the worst part of the day, as well as not fueling properly. I’m glad I’m such a stickler with hydrating, or else this could have been a real mess.

Well the next time I update, we’ll not only be in Georgia, but we’ll FINALLY be with our Army Man. It’s been about 12 weeks since we’ve seen him, so time spent with him is long overdue. Unfortunately, he’ll have things to do in the morning, so after I’m done running I’ll still be able to waste my time [and yours] with random blog posts. I have a rest day tomorrow, with the next days scheduled at 5 miles, 4 miles and again 5, rest day, then finishing off the week with an 8 miler.

Until next time, happy running!

Legs are Toast

2 thoughts on “Legs are Toast

  1. I can’t run within 12 hours, period. My performance always sucks on the second run.

    I’m so excited! Prayers for safe travels for you and Kara, and one extra tiny one that she’ll enjoy her first plane ride! Don’t forget to pack your P90X ABRIPPERX! 😛

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