Quests and Queries

I ran late last night for the first time in a LONG time. And by late, I’m talking 9:15 at night. Luckily, it’s still light out at that time, and I was pleasantly surprised to see other runners out and about in my neighborhood. I had a 4 miler on the schedule, and while the first mile was definitely a warm up [10:00/mile pace], the rest of the run was great. The next two miles were in the 9:30s, with the last mile clocking in at 8:37. That last one really thrilled me – I think I’m finally getting the hang of this running thing… I have a 5 miler sometime today, and the AbRipperx thing to do. Tomorrow is my long run, 7 miles, according to my training plan.

Monday, the kiddo and I leave for Georgia. Our Army Man is graduating from Officer Candidate School, and we get to spend an entire week with him. This will be her first time on a plane, but I know it’ll be a quick flight, so I’m not worried. We’re staying on base [!!! Yay!] and we’ve already talked about my running in the morning. From what I understand, south Georgia weather can be brutal, so I might as well stick with the morning run and get it out of the way. It is going to be a week full of activity; a formal, a graduation, and the icing on the cake is getting to hang out with his parents! We’ll leave Friday, staying that and Saturday night in Tennessee, then meandering to Dayton on Sunday. Saturday morning I’m running with a good friend, I’m hoping I can keep up!

Have you ever run two half marathons, within weeks of one another? The USAF half marathon is 4 weeks after my Little Miami Half, I was wondering if anyone out there had a program they used to this kind of situation. Anyone have running routes they could suggest for little old Columbus, Georgia??

Quests and Queries

2 thoughts on “Quests and Queries

  1. danelle says:

    From what I remember……. run on post. LOL- Seriously though, it’s a really nice base and if my memory serves me correct…. it’s where the real band of brothers guys described running to train for ww2….. very cool. I want to do a Miami half!

  2. Oh!! Awesome, I will check that out. And, uh… this Miami half is in the middle of Podunk Ohio, outside of Cinci… not palm-trees-and-beaches Miami lol…

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