Time to Refocus

Thanks to the amazing folks at Up and Running, I was able to exchange the Saucony’s for new shoes. I am proud, thrilled, tickled pink, delighted, elated, etc., to announce that I am safely back in the hands of Brooks Running. My choices were between the Glycerin model and the Ghost. I have the first models of Ghosts, and it’s funny how different they feel from the others. They’re still a very light shoe, and I noticed more padding in the forefoot. The Ghosts were $30 cheaper, and about 2 oz. lighter, so I went for it. I still wasn’t comfortable with the Glycerin toe box… so that was strike 3.

They went great on the run this morning, and to be honest I was more upset with the events surrounding my run more than anything. I woke up an hour late… which meant rushing to the base, and squeezing my run in without stretching before/after. I was really looking forward to my 5 miler this morning, and I’m debating about either running 2 later, or swapping it out with the 3 mile run I initially had planned for Friday. This run was over before I knew it, and although it felt like a hard run I seemed to have slept through the first mile and a half. I did notice, however, that I really need to focus on my form. My shoulders tense early into the run and I don’t engage my abs [or what should be abs] enough. Core work definitely needs to be stepped up.

I’m happy to report that as of this morning my uncalled for, neurotic, paranoia has subsided. I wasn’t looking over my shoulder; planning an escape route into a random building, or wondering if a sudden jump in adrenaline would harness enough energy to jump the fence onto the flight line. I went iPod-less again, but “sang” military cadences under my breath. I only know one, which gets rather annoying, but it keeps my breathing and pace in check. So I Googled more, and came across this site. Some are rather sad, but I think that it would benefit me to download some cadence mp3’s to run with. What works for you? Any specific song that keeps you on track? Speeds you up? I have a friend that will listen to jazz and classical music on her runs, while my BMT drill instructor said he listened to Native American music. I know others that will listen to Podcasts or audio books – any thoughts on those? Suggestions?

Time to Refocus

2 thoughts on “Time to Refocus

  1. Lorie says:

    I’ve just recently started using music on my rides/bike rides. Funny thing….I was running along one day with my running playlist and something happened and the I-Pod skipped to NA music….at first I was like WTH….but left it playing and I was amazed how the hard beat of the drum can get you going! Mostly I like running to White Fish Bay Side Step Songs when I use NA. I also like to throw in some zydeco/cajun music….again a good hard beat!

    1. Good to know!! Hmm… you’re person #2 to say this… you guys must be on to something! I will definitely be looking up White Fish tonight. Thanks Lorie!!

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