Sunburns, Sports bras… and Psycho Thriller Novels

Guys are lucky they don’t have to deal with the pain of putting a sports bra on over a sunburn. MAN is it painful. Putting a shirt on over a burn is bad enough, but the sports bra feels as though it’s literally trying to sear into your skin. The pins and needles feeling doesn’t even go away when you remove it, feeling as though you’re taking sandpaper to your skin. Heaven forbid the shower is even the least bit hot. Just all around pain. I really hope this turns to a tan soon. Preferably in the next hour.

The last time I ran in the morning was a couple of weeks ago, and I was way overdue for a morning run. My legs were a bit heavy, I encountered some minor aches and pains as the legs protested, but I managed through the 4 miles. The humidity was intense, and the temp was already at 70 degrees before sunrise. I ran through patches of very hot/humid air, as well as cold air within the same quarter mile. I’ve never experienced that before, and I’ll admit that I didn’t even know that it could happen. It was also my first time running through fog… definitely should have brought my camera for this one! Major thanks to my brother in law Brandon, and my buddy Joe for keeping me on my toes – you guys were a huge help in initially getting me out the door after numerous failed attempts.

So in the past week, I read two VERY good books. I’ll forewarn you though, I’m BIG into the psycho thriller, murder mystery, suspense genre… if you get a chance, check out “The Neighbor” and “The Next Accident”. I look forward to buying more Lisa Gardner books, and I’m hoping I can snag some before the trip on Monday. She is so twisted, and I literally could not put these books down. Married with the fact that I watch Forensic Files compulsively, you can say that anything to do with suspense/crime definitely piques my interest. Now… fast forward to my run this morning… I know it’s all in my head, but the once open field and serene backdrop with the impending sunrise quickly made a mental turn for the worse. It creeped the HELL out of me. I was looking over my shoulder, thinking that at any moment, some crazed killer with nothing else to do at 5 in the morning was going to chase me down and either kidnap me or disperse of my body in some godforsaken sewer [ew, germs]. Again, totally psychological but still very creepy.

So that’s all I’ve got for the day. Two waffles and a cup of coffee later and I’m good to go. I’ll admit that I sniffed the coffee to check for the scent of almonds though…

Sunburns, Sports bras… and Psycho Thriller Novels

2 thoughts on “Sunburns, Sports bras… and Psycho Thriller Novels

  1. danelle says:

    ok, being a bra snob from years of actually making them I was and am very loyal to underarmour…BUT.. was forced one day to buy a VERY expensive champion zip front. Can you say brilliant? Want better news? Underarmour is now making zip front styles as well. You no long have to fight the pain to get them on or peel them off after. 😉

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