A Secret and A Confession

Secret: I like running in the morning.

Sure, getting out of bed is the hardest part. I have found a way to beat this though. I literally change into my running clothes while still in bed. I’ll admit there are times where I have thought about crawling back into bed with shoes laced, but to this day I have yet to do this. I tell myself that if I’m ever THAT tired, I won’t have a quality run anyway. From there I begrudgingly make my way out the door, thankfully on auto-pilot on the drive to the gym. In the morning I run iPod free, and I like that. Nothing to take me away from the sounds of waking up, or the sunrise coming up over the golf course. I need to take a picture of that sometime…

However, I am not, nor will I ever be – a morning person. Another bonus to running in the morning: I can drink my coffee in the morning. Do you hear the choirs of angels? While this is good for the rest of humanity, I also don’t have to worry about dehydration issues that coffee comes with. I can eat throughout the day without a second thought, and also have the time throughout the day to stretch accordingly and pinpoint aches/pains.

Confession: I am not head over heels for my Saucony’s. They just aren’t “right”. I feel like an idiot, I’ve never bought a pair of shoes, only to regret the purchase –  but here I am. I’ve already called the store and I’m way over the time limit on returns. I feel rather stuck with them, as I wouldn’t feel comfortable selling them. Boo. That’s what I get for wandering away from Brooks… 😉 Anyway, they’re not causing me issues; but I could find a better shoe I think. We’ll see.

A Secret and A Confession

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