Forgive Me Brooks, For I Have Sinned

Wow. After sticking with Brooks shoes for 7 years, I never thought I would change. I went through numerous pairs of Glycerin’s, a pair of Infiniti’s and then back to Glycerin’s, and numerous apparel items throughout the years. I was a Brooks crusader, even turning some new running friends to Brooks . For God’s sake, I FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER! Brand loyalty is definitely my bag, when I find something I like, I stick with it. That definitely runs in the family, my dad has worn Adidas indoor soccer shoes for about 30 years…

Well I went to buy new shoes yesterday, and the unthinkable happened. I was fit for the Brooks Ravenna, Brooks Glycerin and the *gasp* Saucony Ride. Trust me, this took much persuasion from the girl helping me, and I must have stood there for about 30 minutes trying to talk myself OUT of buying the Rides. The reason I was even being fitted for new shoes is because the changes my feet went through during pregnancy. I went from a size 6.5 to 7.5, and my arch, while there, is almost gone. I wanted to give my feet time to ‘go back’, but I was not one of the lucky ladies that this happens to. The Glycerins were actually the first to be eliminated, being too tight in the heel. Ravenna’s were out the window next, being too tight in the toe box. I will admit the Rides fit better than any shoe, ever. They’ve even got extra cushioning in the heel, which for a heavy heel striker like me, is awesome.

From the store, I went on a quick 3 mile loop and even forgot I was in new shoes. My splits were awesome, two miles in the 9:20s, and a mile at 8:45. I am so excited at my progress and can’t wait to see how much better it will be from here. Today I have to squeeze in a 5 miler somewhere; between juggling the teething kiddo, work, her swimming, my running, laundry, cooking… it’s not easy! GLEE is tonight also, DECISIONS, DECISIONS!!!

Forgive Me Brooks, For I Have Sinned

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