The Strawberry 10k FAIL

I sit here, writing this post, at the same time that I should be 4.5 miles into a 10k. But instead, I am already home, back into comfy clothes and sipping coffee. The morning started with me waking up to monsoon-like conditions, and our county [and surrounding counties] under a Tornado Watch. Holding out hope that it would clear up, I woke up and started going through the motions; coffee, checking the iPod/Garmin for battery life, banana, getting Silly up and moving. Luckily, everything did clear up, and I started the trek up to the Strawberry festival, about 30 minutes away from the house. I get there, and as always, parking is near impossible. This didn’t bother me – not only was this a 10k, but it’s a part of a festival that is HUGE around here. I park, meander my way to the packet pick up, only to find they don’t have me registered.


I am then informed that if I want to pay the same day registration, and write my email down, they can get this figured out after the race. Yeah, I didn’t bring any money… essentially, I would be paying $40 total, and not having anything to show for it. I also wouldn’t be getting a shirt, and let’s face it, that’s the only reason we run races, right? 😉 Anyway, the anger from this situation has subsided completely. But seriously, why would I want to bandit a 10k, when I could run a free 6.2 miles in my own neighborhood? I have my registration confirmation PRINTED out, and I even have copies of emails that I exchanged with the race director [there was an issue with the site and I wanted to confirm registration – GO FIGURE!].

I did overhear some individuals experiencing the same issue, and I hope that the race director does  a better job next year. Sadly, I won’t take part in this race again; it’s put a sour taste in my mouth. I can only cross my fingers and ask for my money back.

We’ve got a lot planned for today, and I’ll be getting a 6 or 7 mile run in at some point. Until next time!!

The Strawberry 10k FAIL

One thought on “The Strawberry 10k FAIL

  1. sarahkettler says:

    Running a free 6.2 sounds like a much better plan than paying way extra for race day registration. I tooootally don’t blame you! Enjoy the cooler weather on your run today! I know I will! =)

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