Lou Cox Memorial 5k

This race was a lot of fun, considering the morning I had… I not only woke up late, but I was flooded with emotion in remembrance on my older brother. I am so proud to have known someone so dynamic, and as a soldier he is someone I will always look up to, and strive to be. I am so very lucky I had the honor of being his sister, and his memory will always be with me. He always thought I was crazy for running ‘on purpose’, and would often say “if I wanted to go that far, I’d drive”. I’m glad I was able to participate in a Memorial Day Run, and the appreciation for soldiers was definitely evident.

The race course was very flat, which I didn’t mind. Started off at Welcome Stadium parking lot, went down Edwin C Moses Blvd, then looped back around. Getting to the turn around seemed uneventful, and I passed the 2 mile mark at 19:something. From here the course ran along the river and it was gorgeous! I’m so thankful that it wasn’t smelling, all too often while at to the University of Dayton you could stand outside of the bars and just smell the stench of the river… horrible! Anyway, upon finishing the race, we entered the parking lot again and we entered the actual stadium, and ran a 200 on the actual track. This race was a blast, and I would definitely do it again. I finished in 28:46, 9:16 pace, and I can say with confidence that I could have done much better if I had pushed myself a little more.

Side note – we ran into my mom’s friend, who is an avid runner and owns a local physical therapy place here in town with her husband. In passing, she mentions Comrades… she’s ran it twice!! And her husband has ran it a whopping 8 times!!!! I need to have coffee with her and pick her brain…

Lou Cox Memorial 5k

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