Rough Run

Man. Prior to being back in Ohio, I was in San Antonio for a couple of years, and obviously the word “hot” was redefined for me. I find that no matter where you are, the first initial “hot” of spring/summer always tends to sneak up on you. I decided to discover this heat during a 7 mile run, in 86 degree temps, along the flight line.

It was a horrible run. I never got into my “autopilot” pace, and I went everywhere from 9:15 to 12 minute miles. Horrendous. Walked a lot, and had to stop in at the gym to refill my Amphipod. Which, apparently leaks. That pissed me off more than anything, and I actually wound up throwing it onto the pavement… About 6 miles in, I developed a stomach cramp that water couldn’t heal, and I pretty much limped on in from that point.

Despite my disgusting performance, my legs feel great. I didn’t use my leg sleeves for the run, but I’m using them for recovery and I’m noticing that they’re not as tight. Coupled with the extra stretching I’m doing on off days, I don’t foresee them being a problem anymore. At least I hope not. Tomorrow is an off day, as I’ve got to bake cookies upon cookies for my big bad Army Man. Sadly we cannot be with him for Memorial Day weekend, but it doesn’t mean that a taste of home can’t go to him for the holiday.

Rough Run

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