Catching Up…

Running has been going very well… But I say this, fresh off of a pretty good recovery run… I had a 6 miler last Monday, held at a solid 9:28 pace. Afterwards, I noticed a tight soleus muscle, but didn’t think anything of it. It’s a very awkward muscle to stretch, and upon a couple of suggestions from other running cohorts I decided to get some leg sleeves. I foolishly went running the next day and started out way too fast, which caused some shin issues… took the next day off for rest and even more stretching and was back on the road for a 4 miler. I’m back to 100% and have a 7 miler scheduled for later today. I’ll be using the leg sleeves for sure though, as a precautionary measure more than anything.

A week from today I have the Lou Cox Memorial 5k. I’m wrestling with setting a goal time in which to finish, mainly because I do not want injury. I guess if anything I can use it as a tempo run, but we’ll see how I feel come race day. Other than that, Silly and I are counting down the days until we go see our Army Man in Georgia [55 days] and enjoying the spring weather. Yoga is unfortunately practiced few and far between, but hopefully I can change that soon.

Catching Up…

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