Vegan Pancakes

Today was a horrible day. I didn’t run. But when life hands you lemons… throw those fuckers aside and make pancakes.

Recipe found here. My go-to vegan cookbook is in storage,  so I had to Google a recipe. I was pissed, so I made the first one I came across. This is the perfect one, the pancakes were fluffy and it made about 15 pancakes. I also make small[er] pancakes though, so whatever. Anyway, enjoy the food porn.

Pineapple Pancake, in progress

Pineapple Pancakes are a small obsession I picked up in Aruba

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Artsy fartsy close up of Chocolate Chip Pancakes

That is all. Hopefully the weather holds off for a bit so that I can run tomorrow. I didn’t even eat these pancakes, and skipped dinner all together. I’ve been having crazy stomach issues that have come out of nowhere; severe bloating, to the point where I can’t even bend a certain way, or stand too upright. Anyway. Hopefully I have some kind of happy post tomorrow, but until then the world can suck it.

Vegan Pancakes

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