A Word of Advice about Pineapple…

Yeah, uh, it gives you gas. As a friend of mine so blatantly put it… it was like “machine gun fire”. That is all I’m going to say.

Yet another amazing run today. There was a small break in the weather, and I was graced with drizzle and humidity and a cool 65 degrees. Wearing long sleeves was perfect. I averaged a 9:39 pace, and up until mile 3 I was killin’ it!! About that time I had a small cramp [AGAIN]  right in the center of my stomach. So annoying. I’m convinced that I’m not hydrating enough, which means I am definitely will have to cut back on the coffee. Such a travesty. Maybe I’ll start carrying around my Amphipod for runs held during heavy coffee drinking days…

I also will have to find a new spot for the iPod, or at least figure out a way to keep it from chafing against my skin. I tried putting a Band-Aid on it, but that thing didn’t last but a mile. I’m also going to stop chewing gum on my runs. I noticed that there is a significant change, and although it sounds so trivial, once I spit the gum out I didn’t feel as though there was anything in the way of the act of breathing. Weird, right??

Random – Do you guys play any games whilst running? I have this quirky game I play with liscence plates. I’ll take whatever the first few letters are and turn them into acronyms. I try, anyway, I really need to look up some decent words that start ‘Z’ and also ‘X’. Anyway, a small example would be this: Plate – ISS #### = I Said So. Well, I came up with a pretty good one today, and if you really know me you’ll know that I was tickled pink to come across this one…

FCR #### – Funnel Cakes Rule.

Yeaaaaah buddy.

A Word of Advice about Pineapple…

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