Best. Run. EVER.

Woke up to a screaming kiddo, and thought it was going to be a long day. I was so incredibly wrong. Ran errands, hitting every green light, and managed to get caught up on laundry [5 loads later…]. My parents took the kiddo and I out to lunch [well… just me, at this point, she was there] at Red Lobster. I don’t know what got into me… but I had Lobster Nachos, Caesar salad, wood fire grilled Salmon with 3 servings of broccoli,  and a Molten Chocolate Chip Cookie accompanied with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. DUDE. You had to roll me out of there. It was beyond amazing, and from the moment I left the restaurant, I was thinking about how crappy my run was going to be.

WRONG, again.

I can safely say that today, I had the best run of my life. I got into a groove and just kept at it, and even at my end point I felt as though I could have gone on a few more miles. I’m still feeling the effects of the run, I just was beyond thrilled that I not only completed it, but didn’t stop once. Yes, I had my doubts, my last run didn’t go so well and I’ve been walking a lot – even during the measly 3 milers. But no, 5 miles, 9:42 pace, zero stopping. This sounds like nothing compared to my running friends, but this run was exactly the confidence boost I needed.

Oh, and can I just say that THIS little thing kicks supreme ass??

I’ve had an issue with side cramps lately, and the Amphipod Lite was PERFECT. Form fitting to my hand, not heavy enough to mess with my stride, and a nifty little pocket in which to hold my car key. Amazing.

Tomorrow I’m slotted to wake up early and lift. I’m a lifting idiot, I have no idea what machines do what; and for all I know, the lifting that I’m doing could be hurting my running. I honestly do not have a clue. Anyway, I plan for about 45 minutes of lifting, maybe a couple of miles if I have the time. Possibly some yoga at home to really stretch out. We’ll see. I’m also taking a couple of turkey burgers with me, and I’m sincerely hoping that they don’t weigh me down as much as usual. It’d be a shame to eliminate meat, but to be honest I don’t think I would miss it TOO much. I guess you could say that I am tired of feeling so sluggish afterward. Again, we’ll see. Sounds like meat & I need a trail seperation…

Best. Run. EVER.

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