In a rut…

Not a running one, but stress coming from life itself. Adjusting definitely comes from within, and it greatly depends on the situation. Marriage and having the kiddo seemed like a breeze compared to the difficulty I’m having with being back in Ohio. I feel completely out of place, and although I’ve spent the majority of my life here I feel as though I’m locked into a prolonged vacation and I cannot leave. I honestly do not know why I’m having such a hard time with this. By now I should be over it, feeling comfortable where I’m at – like I said, I’m in a rut. This thought process is no one’s fault, but my own, and running is definitely helping. I am grateful for that, definitely.

I’m thinking about giving meat up again. The past couple of weeks every dinner has had meat in it of some sort, and I walk away from the dinner table feeling as though I ate way too much. It definitely affects my running; I am overcome with a sense of ‘sluggish-ness’ whenever I’m running after eating a meal that involved meat. I know I’m getting enough sleep, and my diet is actually great, aside from the meat I want to cut out. I’ll toy around with it, maybe just eat smaller portions of it at a time and focus more on leafy greens. I’ve actually done this before, during my pregnancy with Baby Girl, as well as various other times during college. I guess you could say I’m a pretty flaky vegetarian…

I also need to make time for yoga. While it did wonders for my running; in both the stretching and recovery aspect, it did more for my inner peace. To someone that doesn’t practice yoga, that sounds like “pure hippie speak” but I literally was craving yoga this morning. I was alone at work, and you better believe I was doing random yoga in the middle of the room in between phone calls. It felt great, and was just the shift of focus I needed.

Ok I’m done rambling. Getting thoughts down in this here blog actually made me feel a little better. I am whining to the blogging community because I feel as though my husband is the only one to hear about it, and that’s not fair. We barely get 30 minutes on the phone, what good is it to bitch the entire time? He has his own stuff to deal with, and I should be listening to his stories about training. Ugh. Wife of the Year.

Anyway, a random thought, maybe I should set up a small list of things to do for the coming week. Focus more on the positive, do yoga at least twice, and not sweat the small stuff. Sounds like a good start. Now if I could just fast forward to the list that says “pack up the house, arrange move”… 😉

In a rut…

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