My Own Personal PSA…

Ok. It’s spring. Flowers are blooming, you’ll have the occasional rain shower, bunnies are getting it on. You will also have people [like me] getting out and exercising. You can spot these eager individuals easily, pale in the new sun from a winter spent in the gym. They’re doing their thing; walking, running, cycling.  They might be struggling, as their legs aren’t used to the road, or their feet are fumbling to find bike clips. Yes. We are out there, in full force. Some of us are out there to lose weight, some are out enjoying the nice weather. Some of us have a physical fitness goal to meet, like training for a marathon or a triathlon.
I am up off my ass, sweating my way through a 4 miler. THIS DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO SMASH ME WITH YOUR 3 TON VEHICLE.

Seriously, people, PLEASE keep an eye out for runners/walkers and cyclists. We are just out, trying to get a workout in; we’re not aiming to return from our run in crutches. Or even a body bag. There ARE stupid people out there that don’t have very good risk management – they’ll run with headphones blaring, or run with traffic or against it [except cyclists, they are with traffic], and I’ve even seen someone run down the MIDDLE of the road. But please, keep an eye out for those of us who don’t have side impact air bags and anti-lock brakes built in on our person.

That’s right. I posted this on my other blog too. I’m just that serious about this issue. And lazy.

My Own Personal PSA…

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