Catching Up…

Running. Wow, have I missed it, and I apologize for updating so few and far between. Running definitely keeps me sane, that is for sure. Anyone who personally knows me will tell you that sanity is something I need in my life right now. I’m still adjusting to my husband being gone [more on this later!], going from a 1400 sq ft house to sharing a room with my 7 month old daughter, and working full time for the first time in almost a year. I honestly wish I would have started running the day after he went to Basic, because I think I would have benefited greatly…

So, about the big bad Army Man. There are times where these 9 weeks seem like it was 9 years; other times 9 days. Either way, I am beyond excited to see him this Wednesday and for some unexplained reason I am nervous as hell. I feel like I’ve been building up to a blind date – no joke, I am more nervous now, than when I first met him. It’s silly, a bit ridiculous, but I am giddy and far beyond in love with my best friend!! As I wrapped up my ‘long’ run yesterday I realized that my next run would be on post at Ft. Leonard Wood. GAAH!!! OH and getthis,he’s running his 2-miler in about 14 minutes and some change. DUDE. Our runs together never went faster than 10 minute miles! I’m SO proud of him!!

Ok, ok I’m done gushing! Promise. Back to running. 14 out of my 15 runs have been on base. Not only because it’s super convenient, but because I just love being on a military installation. I’m not saying that I live in a bad part of town, or that I feel the need to carry a taser around or anything but being on base makes me feel at home. Wherever we end up stationed, I’m hoping we have the opportunity to live on base, I like the thought of being able to relate to my neighbors. Also, growing up, Baby Girl will be able to relate greatly to her peers, even if she doesn’t attend the school on base.

So now I’m rambling… long story short: training is going well, we see our Army man soon. Yay!

Catching Up…

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