Wounded Warrior Project

I had an interview with Public Affairs today, as they got wind of as to why I’m running the marathon. It was pretty interesting, and although I was all over the place and going off in a million different tangents I’m pretty sure I got my point across. My interviewer, Major Cardenas, had himself completed numerous 10k’s, and through the years he’s been in the Air Force he has also seen the grim side of war. We talked for awhile, and before I knew it I had been in his office for an hour talking about the Wounded Warrior Project. I’m sure I’ll be mentioning this a lot more often between now and September. My personal donation page can be found here. For those unaware, my brother was killed in Afghanistan in November of 2008. A month prior, he pulled two soldiers to safety after a blast tore apart their humvee. The Wounded Warrior Project benefits injured soldiers, and their families, after returning home. Funds donated to WWP help them with anything from medical issues to counseling.

I had a pretty decent run today, 4 miles – the longest I’ve ran since the kiddo was born. It felt amazing, and the aftermath wasn’t bad at all. Considering I ran with a full stomach [literally, minutes after lunch] I think I did pretty well, I was more or less testing my legs with a new distance. Stretching tonight is a must, and I might venture out for a couple miles tomorrow.

Wounded Warrior Project

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