Aaaaaaaaah yes, snot.

Man. So I started the marathon training today. I know I’m going to regret posting about it, because I always flake out on training. If I didn’t flake out today, there isn’t a reason to. I’ve had a nasty cold the past few days and this morning I woke up feeling worse than ever. I went out and ran a mile anyway. In the rain. And wind. In 50 degree weather. My mom wanted to kill me. But I had to. The weather was so shitty I didn’t even take the dog, which he is still giving me flack about.

Good thing is that my lungs are pretty clear, aside from my nose running like a faucet. I’m hoping that maybe this run kick-started the germ warfare.

Husband is wrapping up his training, and has a month left. I cannot wait to see him.

Tomorrow is a rest day, where I’m sure I’ll do yoga for about 32948273 hours to stretch out my legs. Which, I’m actually looking forward to 😀 Gotta have me some yoga.

Aaaaaaaaah yes, snot.

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