I am SUCH a Pansy.

is it wrong that i refuse to run in weather less than 40 degrees? i see people out in this madness of snow and ice daily, but i have ZERO motivation to get out there. you guys know the story. sadly, i am fine with not running. maybe in the spring.

my schedule is slowly but surely getting back into place, and i will be making time for yoga soon. this week, to be exact. thankfully this is something i can do in the comfort of my own home, if i really want to. i’ll probably bite the bullet and go on base or something, just to see what a normal class is like. it’s something i’ve never done, and i am open to the idea of even making a friend or two.

until then, i hope all is well with the both of you reading my blog. 🙂

I am SUCH a Pansy.

3 thoughts on “I am SUCH a Pansy.

  1. Ohhh lady, what am I going to do with you! I can't run and it's going to be 50ish here today. =( It sucks…I'll hopefully be hitting the treadmill mid-late next week. I can't wait to run again. Swimming just isn't my thing, so I keep finding excuses not to workout..the whole "stay off your feet as much as possible" thing is hard for me. Anyhoo…I misssss you and lust you!

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