i noticed a nagging hip pain last night, and i woke up this morning with it still there. i’m going to go ahead and rule running out of the equation, and this is why – running is something i’ve always done. recently, i’ve introduced a variable that my body is still getting used to [yoga] and maybe i did a funky bridge the other day that threw my hip just out of whack? come to think of it, i actually developed a small knee pain the other night after yoga as well… i unfortunately was resting my knee wrong on the mat and at the time didn’t think that it was a big deal… blah!!

that night after my run and yoga i made cookies for husband’s work. during my pregnancy i noticed that i couldn’t stand on hard surfaces barefoot, and like clockwork, about halfway through making the cookies my right heel started to ache. but did i do anything to change it? no. another contributing factor to my hip pain. MAN! i need to start really listening to my body more. of course, i am stubborn and didn’t mention this all day. for our ‘date day’, he took me to the botanical gardens – nothing but walking. my hip did not enjoy that, at all. i noticed it ‘nagging’ on uphills, and after extended periods of time walking but on down hills i was golden. i had an amazing time though. i’m not big into flowers or anything, and even though a lot wasn’t in bloom, it was still very very pretty.

if this doesn’t go away by tomorrow i won’t be able to run… i’ve never had this pain before, so i don’t exactly know what i’m supposed to do… i wish we were on post somewhere already, because then i could put some time in the pool. ok ok i’m done complaining. i had an awesome day though, we did pizza and CUPCAKES. i leave you with a couple of photos of my new second favorite flower, the Viola tricolor, “Sorbet Coconut Duet”.

edit — upon investigation, i have narrowed it down to “piriformis syndrome”. a suggested 2 week rest period of icing and stretching. … *sniff* 😦

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