stoplights suck!

i think i had a 3 mile run yesterday… bear with me… a part of my run didn’t register on the Garmin because i didn’t hit Start/Stop correctly after a stoplight visit. i tried coming home and finding my turn around spot on, but like i said – suburbia is filled with all kinds of ins and outs so i was lost. either way, i’d say it took about 30-35 minutes [again with the stoplights, ARGH!]. i was at a very comfortable pace, hovering somewhere around 9:30 to 9:50. the hardest part of my run is just getting out of the neighborhood; it’s an uphill .5 mile and while i like hills, this is just ridiculous! it makes for a nice finishing run though, so i suppose that’s my reward. i came home and did a quick stretch, followed up by a mini yoga session before making cookies for husband’s last day of work.

i just glanced at the half marathon training schedule, and i realized that i was supposed to do ‘strength’ yesterday as well. whoops. does carrying a 14 pound wiggly infant count!? today is a rest day – which hopefully means uninterrupted yoga! we’ve got pending plans to go out with his co-workers, and tomorrow we’re doing lunch with my co-workers. i’m looking to get that 4 miler in early, just because it’ll start my day off right and get the run out of the way. it’s going to be weird running in daylight!

stoplights suck!

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