wasn’t awesome, wasn’t bad.

went for the 3 miler last night. i wasn’t able to use the Garmin and judge my pace, but i was pretty winded by the end of the run. in my neck of the woods, i really dislike running at the time i do. it’s your regular suburban area of a big city, and there are a number of little shops around me. 99% of those little shops are places people would frequent after work; grocery store,  pizza places, fast food joints, movie rental places, many more places people just whip in and out of without a care in the world. i’m also running just as it’s getting dark, and needless to say people apparently aren’t too good at looking out for runners or cyclists.

from next week on, i’ll be able to run during the day; when i move, i’ll be able to run during the day and i also don’t have to worry about traffic at all.

tonight i have a simple 2 miles. i haven’t decided if i should take it slow, or try to incorporate speedwork. we’ll see. i still don’t feel well, i’m exhausted and can’t shake this throat and nose thing… blah

wasn’t awesome, wasn’t bad.

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