oh come on, self!!!

i just can’t seem to get back into it! i also can’t seem to shake this nastiness cruising through my veins and i know for a fact that’s the culprit. i can’t tell if the ‘sickness’ is an allergy… i’ve never had allergies, but i do remember last winter here in Texas i was bombarded by Mountain Cedar pollen. i can’t remember the symptoms i had, but i do know that i was miserable. the severity of the ‘ickiness’ is in direct correlation with the count of Mountain Cedar, so i think it’s safe to say allergies are kicking my butt. i do not take medicines, and i would much rather put up with it!! unfortunately, in addition to the lack of sleep, doing any kind of physical activity right now seems like a chore.

with all of this said, i was able to struggle my way through the Yoga Today free class. i was having a rough time with it, and i chalked it up to me not having done yoga in a couple of days, but i glanced at the ‘difficulty rating’ that stated Yogis – the second hardest level on that site… i can’t say that i finished it, but the intentions were there. today is technically an off day, and i’m trying to tell myself that i should do my ab workout but in all honesty i just want to go to bed!!

i have 3 miles on the schedule for tomorrow. i’ve also planned ahead [ok, ok, i got bored at work] and found a marathon program i like. many would think it’s long and drawn out, but i think it will be perfect. not only is this my first marathon, and i want to make sure i stay healthy; but this also means i have something to occupy my time with while my husband’s gone. i realize that we might move beforehand, but i will cross that bridge when i get there!

oh come on, self!!!

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