it’s been how long!?

wow, so it’s been a while!!

yesterday was the first time i had ran in about a week, and i did a super quick 5 minute yoga session that was more or less a quick cool down. i ran 2.6, but the schedule called for 3. the entire run i felt strong, and was in a decent pace [for me, anyway]. about a mile and a half in, then i started getting side cramps. man, i was pissed! i looked back on what all i had eaten that day and quickly realized that maybe i shouldn’t have gone running… a bagel in the early morning and a latte definitely aren’t substantial enough for a 6 pm run!! i still think it was a good run, and an ok start to the half marathon training.

things have definitely slowed down a bit around the house, but it won’t be too long until they start going a million miles an hour again. while Army Man is completing his Basic Training/OCS/additional training, i’m moving up to Ohio  so we can save some money and i also know i’ll have a great support system. it’s going to be me, Baby Girl, and the two dogs living with my parents and their two dogs. it’s going to be crazy but totally worth it. with that said, i would like to let everyone know that i am a lizard by nature… so being back in the frozen tundra will not be fun [weather-wise]. i cringe at the thought of running in Yak Traks again, and having to layer up just to run a  couple of miles…

today’s schedule calls for ‘rest’ but i did some yoga earlier for about 40 minutes. a lower back session, yoga for runners, and i also did the upper thighs yoga twice. the upper thighs one felt awesome and has awesome stretches, so will try to remember them from here on out. i also haven’t been yoga regularly and i feel ‘off’ because of it. this weekend i pull my Reserve weekend, and have a 4 mile run slated for Sunday. other then that, it should be pretty low key. this upcoming week is his last at work, and i’m really looking forward to spending that time with him!

it’s been how long!?

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