decisions, decisions

for the past few weeks i’ve been debating on even looking at races. with big changes happening in the household in the next month or so, i’m reluctant to sign on the dotted line – but i at least know what i want to run. i’ve also never run past 10 miles before, so these races are slightly intimidating.

Husband leaves for Army Basic Training in mid-February, and his graduation date is set for late April. knowing that it is impossible for his graduation date to be earlier than it’s scheduled for, i looked at races in that time frame. i found a half marathon on 11 April with my old running club in Ohio, and it’s also super cheap. although i have trouble sticking to schedules, i think i’ve found one that doesn’t look too hateful. it’s from Hal Higdon, and i’ve heard nothing but great things about his programs. i would start training on 24 January.

schedule can be found here, i’m tired of trying to figure out how to copy it onto the blog…

i would like to run the full US Air Force marathon in September. Army Man goes to Officer Candidate School in May, but since we don’t know his job, we won’t know what his graduation date is. because of this, the race itself is one giant question mark, but i think it would be awesome if i ran a marathon less than a year after my daughter being born [ok, by like… 2 days… but still, ha!]. while i’m definitely committing to the half, i’m going to hold off on saying that the full is 100%, until i get a better idea of events surrounding that date.

today i pretty much had an off day… i haven’t ran yet, and i’m not so sure i’m going to, due to plans later in the evening. i did random yoga workouts that had specific concentrations – arms [did this twice], yoga for runners, and also a lower back session. polly is the best, such an upbeat person and her classes are great. i wish i was that happy all the time!

decisions, decisions

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