Rainy Days, Happy Household

rainy days are are so calming and serene. granted, it’s cold out but opening up the windows to watch the rain is always nice. i did my yoga session and focused on the sound of the rain until it stopped about halfway through. with about 10 minutes to go in the class the little one woke up in the BEST mood ever, and that certainly makes my day. come to think of it, she hasn’t really cried at all today, which is rare because whenever she gets hungry it is NOT a pretty picture. the class today focused on breathing and really feeling your muscles working. it was so different from the p90x yoga, and i throughly enjoyed myself 100%. i’m much more relaxed, and it also helps that i had this pretty little face to look at while finishing up the class.

earlier this morning  i breezed through the ab workout. i’m glad it’s finally getting a bit easier for me, and even though i feel it now, yoga certainly helped stretch out my core. i might run tonight, i still have yet to decide on that… i’d like too, but i also need to get the house together for visitors this weekend.

for now i’m going to fix a big bowl of oatmeal and sip on some tea while watching Baby Girl try and figure out her hands. until next time, have a great day!

Rainy Days, Happy Household

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