back in the groove!


man i feel awesome. i will work on abs tonight, but i got further into the yoga dvd than i ever have before. it felt great!! i haven’t done yoga in 3 days, and i’ve come to the conclusion that i’m not liking the dvd i have… it’s a part of the p90x program, so of course it’s more of a workout dvd. i’ve researched yoga for the past 3 days, watching videos on different styles and reading more about the practice. i found that the p90x yoga is too fast paced, and they’ve incorporated push ups and planks in between positions. i want something calm and although i know yoga is a workout, i don’t want to have to worry about push ups and i would much rather focus on my breathing and peace of mind. anyway, maybe i’m just thinking too much about it… ha!

the run went really well. i debated on whether or not to take the Garmin, but in the end i decided i at least needed to know my mileage, so i went ahead and took it anyway. my pace is beyond embarrassing but i somehow managed to get in 1.5 miles… I  felt great during the run, and i finished strong, knowing i could have gone farther if time allowed. i’m still trying to mentally wrap my head around the fact that i just won’t physically be were i was before, overnight.

before i head off, i would just like to say one more thing – GO TEAM CONAN!

back in the groove!

One thought on “back in the groove!

  1. haha, I'm watching conan right now! Well, it's a rerun at least. I like him so much better than Leno too! Thanks for the Heidelberg info! My mom was stationed there in the 70's, and I'm excited to take her back when she comes to visit this spring!

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