queso day, pizza night!!

last night was a rough one, so i decided to take a nap around 9. when i awoke, i found that amazing husband had prepared dough for pizza [YAY!] and he also announced that he would be making queso dip for lunch. that’s right. chips and dip for lunch. couple that with a Ravens win, and we were one happy household.

it was awesome. while the rest of the house napped i read up on yoga, while sipping on coffee. one thing you have to know about it me, is whenever i find something new that i like, i tend to research it to death. hence, the reading up on yoga. by the way, there’s a ton of information out there on yoga, and i have a sneaking suspicion that i haven’t even scratched the surface. anyway, some time went by, the house woke up and we decided to get started on the pizza. i’ve been wanting to try a good spinach pizza, so i took a gamble and winged it… and boy, did it pay off…
other than the dough, i didn’t use a set recipe [lazy i know, ha!]. i just steamed a bag of spinach, used  a basil pesto sauce instead of pizza sauce, mozzarella as a base cheese, and randomly sprinkled garlic cloves on it before placing the mushrooms atop everything. it was delicious, but i also felt as though there was something missing. i don’t know what, but 3 slices later, i can’t say that i absolutely hated it, ha…
The Husband’s looked a little something like this. looks good, but just not for me. which is good for him, because when i find pizza i like, it’s rare that there are leftovers.
i’m not going to lie, i feel kind of gross not working out all weekend, but i can tell my body needed it. i’ll start back up tomorrow with yoga & ab work, and hopefully i’ll get in a couple of miles in tomorrow night. i would LOVE to say that i have the willpower to wake up at 6 and run before he goes to work… but waking up during the night for the little one definitely wears me out. either way i know it’s going to be chilly and dark, it’s just a matter of getting up and goin’. maybe i need some inspiration.
queso day, pizza night!!

2 thoughts on “queso day, pizza night!!

  1. I hear you, girl, with the feeling yucky after not working out all weekend!! With a cold coming on, I convinced myself that I would be just fine giving the weekend up to working out. This morning, I taught a spin class and went to power yoga this evening. My posture is so much better after yoga, but the "cold" still lingers. Congrats on trying yoga this year!! 🙂

  2. My ability to work out is directly related to how the babies slept, all these other moms keep gelling me that their kids slept through the night from the first month, the twins are 14 months and it happens every now and then, if only one gets up in the night it feels like a treat, i rely on coffee and the running stroller, without them I dont think I would get anything done!
    Have you checked out hot yoga?

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