queso day, pizza night!!

last night was a rough one, so i decided to take a nap around 9. when i awoke, i found that amazing husband had prepared dough for pizza [YAY!] and he also announced that he would be making queso dip for lunch. that’s right. chips and dip for lunch. couple that with a Ravens win, and we were one happy household.

it was awesome. while the rest of the house napped i read up on yoga, while sipping on coffee. one thing you have to know about it me, is whenever i find something new that i like, i tend to research it to death. hence, the reading up on yoga. by the way, there’s a ton of information out there on yoga, and i have a sneaking suspicion that i haven’t even scratched the surface. anyway, some time went by, the house woke up and we decided to get started on the pizza. i’ve been wanting to try a good spinach pizza, so i took a gamble and winged it… and boy, did it pay off…
other than the dough, i didn’t use a set recipe [lazy i know, ha!]. i just steamed a bag of spinach, used  a basil pesto sauce instead of pizza sauce, mozzarella as a base cheese, and randomly sprinkled garlic cloves on it before placing the mushrooms atop everything. it was delicious, but i also felt as though there was something missing. i don’t know what, but 3 slices later, i can’t say that i absolutely hated it, ha…
The Husband’s looked a little something like this. looks good, but just not for me. which is good for him, because when i find pizza i like, it’s rare that there are leftovers.
i’m not going to lie, i feel kind of gross not working out all weekend, but i can tell my body needed it. i’ll start back up tomorrow with yoga & ab work, and hopefully i’ll get in a couple of miles in tomorrow night. i would LOVE to say that i have the willpower to wake up at 6 and run before he goes to work… but waking up during the night for the little one definitely wears me out. either way i know it’s going to be chilly and dark, it’s just a matter of getting up and goin’. maybe i need some inspiration.
queso day, pizza night!!