okay, seriously, i’ll stop!

i did another ab workout and yoga session. i’m growing more and more interested in yoga, and i look forward to it daily! i know, i know, it’s been 3 days… but i can already tell yoga is here to stay. it’s a great workout to get in while Baby Girl is napping. and sometimes Dieter likes to join in the fun… not exactly the downward dog that’s on the tv!!!
i know there are mommy and baby yoga classes and dvds – i gave these a lot of thought, but i came to the following conclusion… i am a stay at home mom. i am with her, every waking minute. she goes everywhere with me; groceries, the cupcake shop, and out for a nice drive around the city. when she is old enough, she will go in the baby jogger. i love her to pieces, but with any relationships you have, you need time for yourself. this is a “me” thing, and it’s mommy’s little escape. for now, nap time is awesome yoga time. i know it won’t always be this way, but i really want to continue practicing yoga, and dangit i will find a way!!!
anyway, i was cruising the internet and came across this little gem. there’s a ‘free membership’ option, and also a pay-per-month thing that has different incentives. i literally just discovered this website, but i’m sure i’ll be mentioning it plenty of times!
i plan on running tonight, but i don’t know how far. it’s been really cold today – and COLD, not just ‘texas’ cold… i’m a pansy but i have to do it! i was pretty inspired by this lady, i mean they even have snow on the ground! i better get my butt out there. the weekend will be pretty calm and easy, hopefully it won’t get too cold out! hope everyone has a good weekend, i might have some culinary experiments going on, so keep yer eyes peeled!
okay, seriously, i’ll stop!

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