oooooohmmmm……mmmmmmmy GOD!!!!

i’m not going to lie. yoga kicks my ass. these workouts totally humble me, and they are intense!! i love it though! this is only the second time [ever!] that i’ve done yoga, and already i felt a difference in muscle and mind. i was having the hardest time with what look to be very simple poses, and i quickly realized that i had the balance of a walrus on a tightrope.

in time i will get better at this! running wise, i’ll be running in the chilly temperatures on saturday morning. there are numerous races i’d like to start officially training for, but i will make that decision once life calms down a bit around here.
p.s. when doing the Downward Dog, it is best not to drink a lot of water before hand. just sayin’.
oooooohmmmm……mmmmmmmy GOD!!!!

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